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BA Q&A with 56 North

<![CDATA[Here’s a recent chat we had with James Sutherland, owner of 56 North, a gin and cocktail bar located in Edinburgh.

Q: How did you discover Bon Accord?

A: First tried it at the 2016 Juniper Gin Festival, then met with Karen and Nathan to help with the tonic launch.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about working with Bon Accord?

A: Friendly and easy to deal with. They want to sell nice products to nice people and are always enthusiastic and keen to work with others. The story of the brand and how it’s back is the very sort of thing I love in the drinks industry.

Q: What’s your favourite flavour?

A: The tonic is the key one for me. It’s light, fresh and works well with a wide variety of great gins.

Q: Favourite way to drink/pair Bon Accord?

A: Good gin, loads of ice, big goblet and then a bottle of the tonic. I’ve got so many gins to play with the sky’s the limit!


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