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Dinner Pairings

Scottish Tonic
Perfect for lighter dishes like quiche or salad, or maybe even some appetizers. Add a squeeze of lime or some cucumber and mint to jazz up your tonic.

Cloudy Lemonade
Lemon and fish go hand in hand (even a cheeky bit of fish and chips), but our punchy cloudy lemonade will also stand up to more flavour-forward d
ishes like spicy Asian noodles or a plate of meaty BBQ.

Sparkling Rhubarb
Rhubarb pairs well with gamier meats like venison or lamb, but would also be delicious added to a dessert like cranachan.

Ginger Beer
Wash down your meal with a glass of ginger beer. Ginger helps aid in digestion and is also tasty in a marinade.]]>