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Bon Accord in Denmark


Last week, Bon Accord made it back to Scotland (after a #beastfromtheeast delay) from a trip to lovely Denmark to see some of our international customers. And do you know one thing that we learnt that Scandinavia and Scotland have in common? It’s that sugar is on its way out. We’re both tired of putting chemicals in our bodies and want a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. Do you know the Scandanavian trend that ties into this? Lagom. It’s a Swedish word that means “not too much, not too little, just the right amount” – bliss!


The word derives from a shortening of the phrase “laget om”, which literally means “around the team”. Lagom is the median, the middle, the appropriate.

So the story goes, back in the Viking days, mead would be passed around, laget om, and everyone would take their sips. Lagom today is not that different to that: The foundation of lagom is contentment, a sense that things are sufficient just as they are. The archetypical Swedish proverb, “Lagom är bäst”, literally means, “The right amount is best” but is also translated as “Enough is as good as a feast”


The Bliss of Balance

So, we’re talking not ‘less is more’ (sometimes you just can’t handle the extreme version of the healthy peanut butter) and we’re not talking ‘more the merrier’ (when you need to hide the empty Jaffa Cake box(es)) – we’re talking balance. Sustainable living. Not the continuous diet of January or the continuous indulgence of December – and that’s why Bon Accord works!

Bon Accord feeling at home in Denmark

Our soft drinks are a treat, but are naturally sweetened; they have punch, but are made with real ingredients; we’ve got colour and flavour, but nothing artificial is added; the Bon Accord smile is real and genuine – like the founders back in 1903 and like us now in 2018.

We are pleased to have found fans in Denmark, and we’re excited to take this Dane/Scot partnership forward. If you’re taking a trip to Denmark this year, see if you can spot us, post a picture on our social media and we’ll send you a treat in return!

Denmark, it has been a pleasure – we’ll keep the Bon Accord flowing and we hope to see you again soon.