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Hills & Harbour Gin with Bon Accord Tonic

<![CDATA[We are delighted to be used as the perfect serve for Hills & Harbour Gin by The Crafty Distillery 💙

We’ve worked with The Crafty Distillery for some time now and really appreciate them and the craftsmanship that they pour into making their gin. The Hills & Harbour Gin is made at their distillery in Galloway, SW Scotland – and they are a grain to glass setup, as they use their very own wheat grain spirit in the gin. The Crafty Distillery’s mission is simple – “to make tasty honest spirits for everyone that likes a tipple.”


They make their Hills & Harbour Gin really tasty 🙂

“Bringing together 11 ingredients including  traditional, locally foraged and world ingredients to make the gin really special. To ensure vibrancy, all of the five basic tastes are hit with elements of sweet (mango), sour (orange), salty (seaweed), bitter (noble fir) & umami (seaweed). We create sensation by hitting the nerves too with our Green Sichuan pepper. All of this on top of a traditional gin base makes our gin complex but with balance to make this very session-able.”


Hills & Harbour are also honest and passionate about what they do:

“We create spirit for our Gin all the way from wheat and water from our local area, from milling and mashing to fermenting and distilling. Crafted from our own spirit, all botanicals are natural input for distillation and no essences or sweeteners added post production. In the fact that we craft this spirit all the way from the field, this is one of only a handful of true honest premium Scottish Gins.

We developed our Gin over 14 months and over 90 different recipes,  but as the final twist to development, we made our final recipe three different ways: one heavy and for your serious gin lover, one modern and light, and one sweeter. We sent the variations out to over 400 of the general public and got feedback. We took this feedback to really shape the final balance and body of the gin.  Developed by the people for the people!

We use Bon Accord not just because they’re Scottish but because their the only premium tonic on the market to understand what a premium gin needs.

With that being said we don’t need a massively complicated tonic to jump all over that. This is where the perfect balance and low flavour of Bon Accord gives the classic mix of a G&T but allows the gin to shine.”


Do give Hills & Harbour a try when you’re next on the hunt for something different and exquisite 👌